We manufacture precision tubes ideal for applications that require high dimensional accuracy and mechanical strength.

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Precision round tubes

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Tumesa manufactures products with an unbeatable surface finish, suitable for being followed by demanding zinc plating and painting processes, and with strict manufacturing tolerances and welding controlled by Eddycheck. They are manufactured according to the EN 10305-3 (round tube) and EN 10305-5 (square and rectangular tube) standards.

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Certificate 10305-3

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Certificate 10305-5

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Thicknesses between 0.6 and 6 mm


Lengths between 3,000 and 12,000 mm


At Tumesa we are committed to helping you create the perfect tubes for your project by adapting to the needs of each different case. Therefore, and to improve the result, we offer the services of grinding and painting to improve the appearance and protection of the tubes, folding to improve their strength, and drilling, milling and marking to customise them even more.


Precision tubes are used in a wide variety of applications where high dimensional accuracy, a uniform surface and high mechanical strength are required. Precision tubes are an ideal choice for applications requiring high dimensional accuracy and mechanical strength, as they offer a uniform, smooth surface and very tight dimensional tolerances. Some of the most common applications are:

Medical industry: medical instruments, implants and prostheses.

Automotive industry: transmission parts, exhaust systems, engine components and other critical parts.

Aeronautics industry: high-precision structures and parts for aircraft and rockets.

Construction industry: steel structures, railings, stairs and other architectural components.

Food and pharmaceutical industry: food and pharmaceutical processing and packaging equipment.


From RND 10 to RND 168.3

Tumesa manufactures round tubes with a precise circular geometry and closely controlled dimensions, a smooth and homogeneous surface, no porosity or deformation, and very tight dimensional tolerances. The geometry of precision round tubes is defined by their outer diameter, inner diameter, wall thickness and length.

Table of sizes for precision round tubes

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From SQ 10x10 to SQ 120x120

At Tumesa we manufacture precision square tubes maintaining a precise geometry and very accurate dimensions, applying the most restrictive tolerances that these tubes usually require, which allows us to offer a smooth and uniform surface, without irregularities or deformations. They are characterised by a square cross-section, defined by their base, height and wall thickness.

Table of sizes for precision square tubes

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From RCT 16x10 to RCT 180x60/160x80

Tumesa manufactures precision rectangular tubes with a precise geometry and closely controlled dimensions, with a rectangular cross-section and a very precise size and wall thickness. They also have perfect edge radii in accordance with the standards. The geometry of precision rectangular tubes is defined by their length, width, height and wall thickness. These tubes usually have very tight dimensional tolerances and a smooth, uniform surface without irregularities or deformations.

Table of sizes for precision rectangular tubes

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