We have been manufacturing top quality steel products for more than 35 years and we continue to grow day by day.

We offer our customers the best solution and response in terms of service, price, delivery time, quality and finishes.

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At Tumesa we believe that customer satisfaction is a fundamental value, and that is why we have been offering the highest quality in our steel products for more than 35 years, with an attentive service adapted to each customer and working closely with them.

Located in the Port of Sagunto, Tumesa is a benchmark in the steel sector thanks to our way of working, completely dedicated to our customers, becoming closely involved in their projects in order to provide the best possible solution.

We export our steel products to all parts of Spain, as well as to different countries in the rest of Europe, such as Portugal, France, United Kingdom, etc.

We are much more than a steel tube manufacturer, as we currently have 2 cutting lines, 7 steel tube lines and 2 auxiliary machines.

Since mid 2021, we have been part of the Hierros Añón Group, a leading group in the steel sector. Since then, the company’s strategy has changed considerably, enabling Tubos del Mediterráneo to reach new and unprecedented levels of production and sales.

Thus, and based on continuous improvement and constant evolution, Tumesa continues to grow day by day.

66.000 m2 of total surface area
55.000 m2 of which is covered

Production capacity of more than
150,000 tonnes per year.

2 cutting lines
7 steel tube lines
2 auxiliary lines

Our values and competitive advantages
are what make us a benchmark as a
dedicated steel tube manufacturer


Our constant challenge is to be the best supplier for our customers. To achieve this, we become closely involved and dedicate all our efforts to adapt to each project, with total reliability of service and delivery times.


We are fully committed to the training and high level of qualification of our employees and we have a Technical Office to manufacture products tailored to the customer’s needs.


We are constantly improving our facilities, work processes and machinery, as well as expanding our extensive product range. We work with certified steel tubes and products of the highest quality.


Our work, quality and reliability are backed up by more than three decades of experience as steel tube manufacturers. Since 1985, our facilities in the strategic location of the Port of Sagunto have developed and grown from two tube lines to the current seven.

Our group

We belong to the Hierros Añón Group, a group of leading companies in the sector, which provides us with the materials we need to be more competitive.

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Development of the facilites

2,800 m2
2 tube lines
5,600 m2
1 cutting line
3 tube lines
14,000 m2
2 cutting lines
5 tube lines
18,000 m2
2 cutting lines
5 tube lines
1 auxiliary line
28,000 m2
2 cutting lines
6 tube lines
1 auxiliary line
43,000 m2
2 cutting lines
9 tube lines
6 auxiliary lines
2 cutting lines
9 tube lines
6 auxiliary lines
66,000 m2
2 cutting lines
7 tube lines
2 auxiliary lines
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A team of more than 200
highly qualified staff,
at your service

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